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Maya Jane Clark.  Sweet, happy and trusting has made a horrible discovery.  The life she built with her Love is a complete and total lie.

Soon, she discovers like something out of a horror movie that the unexplained physical pain, fuzzy memories, and strangers appearing around her have a far more sinister explanation. One that she could have only imagined in a Hollywood film. Except this is no movie, this is real-life. This is HER life and it is at risk of being taken from her forever.

This is the true story written by an abuse survivor. She’s ready to share her story with others to help transform their world for the better. We are standing by her side, holding her hand and changing the world with three components in mind: Confidence. Patience. Truth.

The liberation of maya jane clark

Journey through Maya’s liberation from the very first second of connecting and falling in love, through the aftermath of leaving what became an extremely abusive relationship. How did she ever remain safe when she was constantly in harm’s way? We will walk that road with her in each horrific and joyful step. (Yes, there is joy and laughter and skipping and wonderful discovery.)

Once she chooses to leave her abuser, how does she remain safe, when his history, deviant actions and lies place her in harm’s way? There are actions and lists and protocols that other survivors can use if they want to escape an abusive relationship. We will provide it all.

Within the answers to the above questions, we will create the ever-expanding web of goodness that helps to change the world.

Join us! Take our hand and let’s go change the world.