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Mindfulness and Meditation: Togetherness Meditation

Guest Post by:  Maya Beck

Togetherness Meditation

Begin by sitting up tall, letting the spine be long but not stiff.  Make sure you are comfortable, and when you have settled in, close your eyes.   Relax the forehead, eyes, cheeks and jaw.  Let the shoulders sink down.

From this space, give yourself permission to let go.  To let go of all thoughts, worries, anxieties….just for a few minutes.  Know that everything is ok and all those thoughts will be waiting for you later.

Now begin to notice the breath.  Gentle inhales into the nose, down to the chest, and even further into the belly and back out again.  Your breath is your anchor. Always there.

Let the inhales and exhales gradually deepen, allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper into stillness.  (pause)   Gently, let the breath return to its natural state.  You are peaceful, relaxed and calm.

Notice the energy surrounding you. Let each person who supports you infuse you with energy.  Use your imagination and visualize this energy as a beautiful white light surrounding you.  Let yourself feel protected and safe in this ball of light.   Let yourself drift and float in this space (pause).  Gently let the light dissolve away as you feel refreshed and energized.  Know that each person who supports you contributes to your feeling of peace.

Closeup of woman in sitting yoga pose

Return your attention to your breath.  Your beautiful breath is your anchor.

Now, say the following to yourself:

“May I be content and connected.”
“May I be free from stress and worry.”
“May I be peaceful.”

Human connection is vital to each and every one of us.  Whether we know it or not, we are not alone.  We can rely on the support of others to better enable us to care for and support ourselves. A beautiful cycle.

Begin to come back to this space. Bring your awareness back.  Invite gentle movements in your body, perhaps the fingers and toes.  Open your eyes and notice how you feel.

Maya Beck

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