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How do you leave your mark on the world? What have you done to hold hands with someone and change it?

We all need a little help to get by with our friends; confidence can ebb and flow by the minute.

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What one action can you do this week to help another soul and heal yourself, too? Do it! We will give you ideas.

First event- “Confidence Conditioning: Tell Her About It”

Our team member, Mary, received cards in the mail with printed reminders of her worth. (Check out the picture above.)

Amazing!! She’s carrying them with her everywhere, and on really bad days, brings those babies out and reminds herself just how fabulous she is.

Pick a friend. Drop a card or letter in the mail. Remind them. They’re worthy of a #PlatinumPlatterLife. The beautiful #PPL where only the best people, food, fun, amazing travel, and prosperity come into her/his world.

Hey….while  you’re at it. Remind yourself how incredible YOU are and worthy of that kind of Platinum Platter Life of YOUR wildest dreams.

Take hands and change the world to discover the power of recognizing worthiness in yourself and others. 

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“Self-Worth: How to Build Self-Worth”

Do you have a trick you use to help decrease your exhaustion? What have you discovered on your own journey of healing which helped you really heal on a bad day? Share it with us at:   

We envision a world where survivors can recognize their own power as they heal. Plus, we know that sharing your story lessens the shame and silence for any person who reads it. We stand as architects of change, amplifying the voices of survivors by addressing the intricate web of new ideas and healing resources to create a new life. Our values encompass a sanctuary where feelings find validation, where emotions find expression, and where healing begins. Join us! Take our hand and let’s go change the world!