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The Last I’m Sorry is a nationwide partnership of people making a positive impact for women, men, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and medically compromised people as they face the challenges of navigating a partnership with someone who always apologizes, but never changes their actions.

Sure, your partner may change for a couple weeks, with many apologies, flowers, balloons, etc but soon enough, their behavior returns to being really toxic. (And most likely they are blaming YOU for causing THEIR behavior. Sound familiar?)

And before you know it, the time frames for  the apologies and moments of love actually get smaller and smaller; and their nastiness gets bigger and worse.

Side note, contact if you have a story to share about times when you actually saw your partner smile as they screamed at you. We would love to hear your personal experiences, because everyone we work with has most definitely seen that “evil grin” as they scream the most insane things. 

Anyway, back to the discussion at hand.

Many people, especially during the pandemic, had limited access to information or support services. This campaign gives people the opportunity to find resources in the one place abusers cannot control and isolate- what they see publicly when traveling or living their daily life. 

Our question: “What if we could negate isolation as a form of abuse?”

Our answer is an innovative and interactive tool, so that men, women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, and medically compromised people can find the resources, community and ideas which could protect them, their children and pets.

What is "The Last I'm Sorry" is the micro-website of its kind, and only resource currently available in the United States, which allows people living with their own monster at home, to self identify, and choose their most pressing need. In return, they receive specific-to-them immediate and actionable resources; all in the privacy of their home, and with two built in safety features which keeps an abuser from discovering someone trying to get help.

This micro-website, developed as an adjunct to can easily be found at

You know us, we wouldn’t be Safe In Harm’s Way if we weren’t talking about feelings and emotions. So let’s talk a bit about what emotions are associated with all the life events in your relationships, and how they make you feel.


Is your partner always saying I’m sorry, but never changes? 

Do you often wonder why your romantic relationship makes you sad?


Do you feel like something is “off” in your relationship? You can’t label it, but something doesn’t feel right?

Does it feel like you walk on eggs-shells at home?


Have you ever thought, “I don’t feel in control of my relationship?”

Do you feel like your partner might snap at any moment?


You fell in love five years ago, when was the last time you saw your friends?

Why do you think it’s been so long?


Are you always watching your phone, afraid you missed a call or text from your partner?

Is your friend in a romantic relationship which makes you worried?


Is your partner always saying, “I’m sorry,” but never changes? 

Do you shout back, even though you’re not normally like that?


Do you think your partner is lying to you? 

Have you ever wondered how mad your partner would get if you went to hang out with friends?  


Do you sometimes wonder about how your partner is truly hurting you physically or sexually? 

Has your partner ever put their hands around your neck, even once?


Do you feel scared or worried most of the time?

Do you feel like the relationship is not want you want, but it’s better than not being with them?


Are you in yet another relationship which makes you wonder, “Am I being lied to?” 

Do you do things for your partner that afterward makes you feel horrible about yourself? 


Have you ever thought to yourself, “No. My relationship isn’t that bad. They’ve never hit me.”


Do you ever wish your relationship was like the first moment you fell in love?

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to ask your partner for money?  


In quiet moments do you ever think to yourself, “He is just stressed out. Tomorrow will be better again.”  

Do you ever wish your relationship was like the first moment you fell in love?

The Coolest Thing EVER?

Over 15,000 people and counting have tapped into our immediate and actionable resources by using
Be one of the coolest kids, and see if your relationship solutions can be found at this amazing tool #becauseyouneverknow who shows up in the world every day hiding the emotional, psychological, and physical bruises from home.

Check out our little home movie that our Partner, Neon created about

At Safe In Harm’s Way we know men, women, people of color, people who identify in the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants and people who have English as a second language face abuse, too. We want to highlight ALL survivor stories. We would be honored for you to share your story as yourself or anonymously. Just contact us at:

And always remember, whether personal or professional, if someone shames you for your story- THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.