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Sometimes, we all need a hand.

CREATE Life Changing Impact

Those victimized and surviving abuse are limited in options.
Your donation can make all the difference in what those options look like.

Be the difference in someone’s life right now.


At Safe In Harm’s Way, we’re not just an organization – we’re a movement powered by survivors, for survivors of domestic violence. By becoming a monthly donor, you’re taking a stand against domestic violence, amplifying our impact, and offering the stability needed to continue developing and maintaining our essential resources, ensuring that survivors have access to the tools and support they deserve, month after month.

Your support directly contributes to meeting the urgent needs of historically marginalized communities that often face barriers like limited access to resources, economic disparities, and inadequate advocacy and legal representation. Your generosity helps us bridge the gaps in court systems, transportation, and communication – areas that are essential for survivors to regain their lives.

Safe In Harm’s Way is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity registered in the US under EIN: 38-5421069.

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