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Female holding the VictimsVoice app

One Click Away for Free Help: VictimsVoice

By Anger, Apprehension, Fear, Feelings & Emotions Resources, Loathing, Pensiveness, Rage, Terror, Vigilance
Safe In Harm’s Way is a partner with, so that we can offer the only way to document abuse which is able to be included in any court of law. This incredible app lessens the terror associated with court cases and documentation. As a Partner Member of VictimsVoice, we offer FREE licenses, allowing survivors to document their abuse in…
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The Last I'm Sorry campaign photos

The Last I’m Sorry

By Feelings & Emotions Resources
The Last I’m Sorry is a nationwide partnership of people making a positive impact for women, men, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and medically compromised people as they face the challenges of navigating a partnership with someone who always apologizes, but never changes their actions. Sure, your partner may change for a couple weeks, with many apologies, flowers,…
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