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Created just for you – A Nationwide USA Court Case History Search Engine!

So you’ve done the healing work which soothes your soul, time has passed, and you have started to feel a bit of optimism and the anticipation of starting to date again.

But can you really trust yourself? We believe this tool can help you start to trust yourself again. Keep reading for all the ways to use this tool.
It’s here. It’s here!!!!

Nationwide USA Court Case History Search

Safe In Harm’s Way and the online search history for court case activity. We will give you an entire tool kit to check people out related to convictions, arrest records, and restraining orders.

What does this component of Safe In Harm’s Way intend to contribute?

Each state has a public online search history of court cases. It’s online and available in every state. Most people don’t know about it. We are going to be a one stop shop, to search by state, all criminal and court activity. 

Let’s connect the dots here for a minute- spend some time here and let us know what you think.

  • Maybe you’re beginning to date someone new, what would be helpful to know?
  • Or, let’s say you have been in a relationship, but something just seems “weird” and you can’t label it. 
  • Picking a daycare provider? 
  • Wondering about a new right-swipe on Tinder? 
  • Meet someone at a cool, hip restaurant and they tell you they’re divorced? 

The possible situations are endless, and the smart folks in any room would say to double check the people you are going to hold close to your heart.

We have a partial list of helpful ideas to review, coming immediately to mind from our team:

  • Divorce Records
  • Criminal history
  • Bad Checks
  • Multiple DWI
  • Loss of custody 
  • Restraining Orders 
  • Criminal charges 
  • Criminal convictions

Let’s use an example of one Safe In Harm’s Way team member.

He re-connected with an old college friend. They began to chat and text and set up a dinner date. NICE! But, he also wondered how life had gone for her in the past 15 years.

He did a simple search and noticed multiple convictions for bad checks (not good with money, right?) and multiple DWI charges (duh?!? UBER much?!?!), plus she wasn’t divorced. This information, coupled with a couple “odd” gut feelings; and all of a sudden, there was no longer a reason to ignore his gut. He very kindly put an end to the budding relationship. 

We think this information would be very helpful for survivors who are thinking about entering the dating world again, but fearful of making another mistake. The research can help with any gut check needed.

(Side note: If the excuse for any of the arrest records or restraining orders are “she/he was an insane, crazy a$$hole”, well…….just think about which person was doing the crazy making!! Abusers lie and blame the survivor for all aspects of the relationship dissolution. We gotta stress strongly that the statement we gave above, could be the BIGGEST piece of information you need, regardless of the online criminal record search.)

Also, do you fear anyone complaining about you doing a search? You never need to tell them why you’re ending the relationship.

You don’t have to defend yourself any longer. You’re not living in THAT world, since you have survived hell and rebuilt yourself.

That’s the past. THIS is your future, and your future self no longer fixes people or tolerates lies. Discuss with any therapist how this might sound in your world and implement it.

Again- all this information is available already online. We are just going to put the links for every state in one place. Plus, tell you if there is a cost or how easy the site is to navigate.

Take good care of yourself, friends. We are taking your hand and working hard to change the world. We believe in you and your badass self!

Check out our Safe In Harm’s Way Flower of Feelings to explore the emotions of your relationships, and how to recognize and heal from those feelings which hurt the most.  

We envision a world where survivors can recognize the feelings in their relationships as the hallmark red flags of abuse. We stand as architects of change, amplifying the voices of survivors by addressing the intricate web of emotions entwined with unhealthy relationships. Our values encompass a sanctuary where feelings find validation, where emotions find expression, and where healing begins.