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Tangible Resources for Real Progress

Providing online, trauma-informed resources to survivors, their children, and pets while identifying the unique needs based on race and identification.

Please bear with us as we refresh our website with new and appropriate information to best serve your needs.

You're not alone.

Our community of survivors and professionals have contributed their experiences and knowledge to help you through your process, whatever that looks like for you.

We invite you to stay, observe, participate, and return as often as you need us.

We are here to help you navigate your new life.

Feelings & Emotions

Identifying and acknowledging unhealthy acts and behaviors.

Ending the Relationship

Tips to keep you safe and moving forward toward independence.

Navigating Systems

Demystifying and guiding you through the maze of programs and resources.

Healing Resources

Celebrating the wins and moving into a new you of your own design.

Our Partners

We could not do this work without the continued support of organizations that support our work and our organization. 

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